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Haesalvia Crystals

Snowflake Obsidian Bracelet | 8mm | سنوفليك اوبسيديان - السبج

Snowflake Obsidian Bracelet | 8mm | سنوفليك اوبسيديان - السبج

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Size: 17-17.5cm

TEACHES us to learn and value out past mistakes - asking us to explore the areas of ourselves that we can improve and develop. This is a deep introspection and inner healing stone. It calls us to acknowledge our darkness or demons, our unhealthy habits or behaviors - once we are mindful of them only then can we work towards changing

REVEALING - Brings the the surface the TRUTH of situations and even people. This is a stone to use when you want clarity and 

SEEING OPPORTUNITIES especially those you may have overlooked. 

GROUNDING and centering snowflake obsidian resonates with the ROOT chakra to bring feelings of stability, security and knowing your place on this earth.


Bracelets can be customized to your wrist size. Please add RESIZE Bracelet to your cart. Price listed is for 1 bracelet.

يمكن تخصيص الأساور حسب مقاس يدك. قم بإضافة ( تغيير مقاس الاسوارة ) إلى عربة التسوق الخاصة بك. السعر المعروض اسواره واحده.

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