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Haesalvia Crystals

Mahogany Obsidian Bracelet | ماهوجني اوبسيديان - السبج

Mahogany Obsidian Bracelet | ماهوجني اوبسيديان - السبج

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inner strength ~ eliminating negativity ~ promotes self-growth & development ~ decision-making ~ setting limits ~ connections ~ release
Helps one reach their potential. Brings light to shadow. Eases anger & frustration. Fuels creative passion & sexuality. Clears negative beliefs or conditioning.
Associated Chakra: Sacral, Root

6mm- 18.5cm Bracelet size

Bracelets can be customized to your wrist size. Please add RESIZE Bracelet to your cart. Price listed is for 1 bracelet.

يمكن تخصيص الأساور حسب مقاس يدك. قم بإضافة ( تغيير مقاس الاسوارة ) إلى عربة التسوق الخاصة بك. السعر المعروض لاسواره واحده.

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