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Haesalvia Crystals

Flower Agate Bracelet | 6mm | عقيق الزهرة

Flower Agate Bracelet | 6mm | عقيق الزهرة

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Abundance ⋆ Longevity ⋆ Acceptance ⋆ Confidence ⋆ Courage ⋆ Balance ⋆ Harmony ⋆ Appreciation ⋆ Soothing ⋆ Generosity

(Flower Agate also known as cherry blossom agate) is full of nurturing, calming and loving energy.
An extremely soothing stone that is especially helpful to ease emotional pain or stress as it clears emotional blockages and helps one move forward. 

Flower / Cherry blossom agate has an energy that encourages you to grow and pursue your dreams making it a great stone for those starting out their own business or need a boost of motivation.

Its energy calls us to let go of fears that may be holding us back - it helps dissolve any self-doubt you have about yourself and abilities. Like the flowers in the crystal it reminds us to bloom.

6mm- 17.5cm Bracelet size

Bracelets can be customized to your wrist size. Please add RESIZE Bracelet to your cart. Price listed is for 1 bracelet.

يمكن تخصيص الأساور حسب مقاس يدك. قم بإضافة ( تغيير مقاس الاسوارة ) إلىعربة التسوق الخاصةبك. السعر المعروض لاسواره واحده.

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