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Haesalvia Crystals

S925 Small Citrine Ring | Adjustable | سيترين

S925 Small Citrine Ring | Adjustable | سيترين

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Citrine is known to bring bright and vibrant energy, happiness and confidence. It is a great stone for attracting wealth, abundance and luck.

The warm energy of Citrine helps release inherent fears and replaces them with trust and confidence in yourself and your actions. Promotes an optimistic approach to life especially around money and financial stability. It promotes feelings of contentment, gratitude and being happy with what you have in life - giving you a better mindset to attract more abundance your way.

Citrine also enhances willpower and determination making it a great stone for study or work. It reduces the sensitivity to criticism and inspires a clear, focused mind and enthusiasm to go after your goals. This solar plexus activating stone also helps bring forth ones personal power and develop a stronger sense of purpose and identity.

Who is Citrine for?

  • If you are someone that tends to give a lot of your energy to other people ( people pleasing, not dedicating enough time to yourself)
  • If you want to deepen the connection you have with yourself and develop a stronger sense of who you are, your identity and purpose in life.
  • If you want to manifest abundance, luck and success in whatever form that means to you.
  • If you want to strengthen your confidence - whether that be with yourself or social confidence with others.
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