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Dreamy Amethyst Tumble Bracelets | الجمشت

Dreamy Amethyst Tumble Bracelets | الجمشت

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protection ⋆ shielding ⋆ dispels negativity ⋆ stress relief ⋆ calming ⋆ spiritual awareness ⋆ develops intuition & insight ⋆ sobriety ⋆ letting go of bad habits ⋆ third eye chakra ⋆ crown chakra

Amethyst is a highly protective stone that has the ability to absorb and dissolve negative energies around it and replace with pure, positive vibraitonal energy. vibrational. Its tranquil energies calm the mind soothing away stress and anxiety making it a great stone to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

Highly regarded as the stress relief stone Amethyst instills feelings of peace and serenity in any space. This makes it a great crystal to wear to promote positive vibrations energetically or clear away any negativity within your body. 

1cm- 17cm Bracelet size

This bracelet CANNOT BE CUSTOMIZED. Price listed is for 1 bracelet.

لا يمكن تخصيص هذا السوار. السعر المدرج لسوار واحد.

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